About us

PLÁSTICOS ALCO started back in 1975 as a supplier of plastic-injected pieces for different industries, being the agricultural sector the main one at that time; becoming S.L. as from 1990.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the plastic sector, PLÁSTICOS ALCO devotes its production to thermoplastic injection and transformation, as well as mould making; offering a wide range of products intended for several sectors: textile industry, farm sector, food industry, orthopaedic sector…

PLÁSTICOS ALCO is equipped with the latest technology and along with our high production capacity we guarantee the best value for money.

Thermoplastic injection

PLÁSTICOS ALCO also has a complete service which extends from product conceptualization and design to product manufacture and logistics distribution.

Furthermore, the company has a service focused in developing electronic control devices which are aimed at agricultural machinery. These devices can be specially designed to meet specific needs.

Likewise, our wide selection of existing articles can be adaptable to the needs of every customer.


In PLÁSTICOS ALCO we have the most state-of-the-art machinery within our sector. In our machinery area you can see the injection capacity that we are able to offer and all the services available for you at our facilities.

The integral moulding system arranges systematically all the pieces records, providing the utmost care to keep them in good condition.